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I'm a married, linen loving, book writing, fabric designing, illustrating, sewing, crafting, blogging, mother of three.


I heart linen.
Yes, I do!
You heart linen?
Then I heart you too.


knitting, classical music, sushi, beaches, summer, fall, being creative, pears, photography, sewing, graphic design, being a mom, traveling, ebay, illustration, orchids, hot tea, national geographic, colored pencils, snow days, handmade things, brand new sheets of blank paper, anything and everything japanese, winter, spring, seltzer water, turquoise, aquamarine, being married, new fabric, vintage fabric, water color, linen, silver and gold, did i mention linen, toffee, brown paper packages tied up with string..., butter cookies, macs not pcs, white chocolate, not dark, string instruments especially the cello